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Why Sit on Tops?

Sit on tops give you more flexibility than conventional kayaks. You are not enclosed in the boat and you do not need to perfect the eskimo roll technique (a technique used to right yourself without wet exiting the boat). You get on and off, wherever and whenever you like!
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Sit on Tops are rotationally moulded from polypropylene, which means no seams or joints. They are flexible enough to take bumps and scrapes and tough enough to hold their rigid shape.

Our Best Seller – The Frenzy

Our best-selling model and first priced boat, reportedly 60% of the world is one man sit on top market is a boat named the Frenzy from Ocean Kayak.

With its triple hull, it offers great stability and tracking so whether you are an experienced kayaker or a novice you can instantly get out on the water. Point and go!

It has a maximum carrying capacity of 23 stone, is 9 feet long and weighs 43 pounds (19.5kg). They’re easy to chuck on the roof of the car and if there is more than one boat they nest together perfectly.

My daughter at 7 was able to paddle this boat alongside me with great ease even catching small waves.
Pentewan Ocean Kayak Supplier

Want Something Sportier?

If you want something a little bit sportier The Mysto. (Also from Ocean Kayak). It looks like a surf ski but has a keel running the length of the boat. This means it tracks extremely well and with a thruster like fin system at the back it makes it very manoeuvrable. Great in the surf or on flat water. It is 9í9î, weighs 43lbs (19.5kg) and holds up to 23 stone.

Want to Paddle Together? The Malibu 2

If you want to paddle together we have larger boats. We sell and recommend the best seller of all time (worldwide) the Malibu 2.

The whole of the deck space has been sacrificed for cargo. Designed to be paddled by one or two people, with space for a small passenger. It is 12 feet long, weighs 58lbs (26.3kg) and has a carrying capacity of up to 35 stone.

Alternatively, the Malibu 2XL. 13″4″ and its maximum capacity is 42 stone with space for a 3rd adult or 2 smaller passengers.

Both kayaks track extremely well and offer excellent stability. You can even learn to stand and cast a fishing rod.
Pentewan Ocean Kayak Supplier

Fishing Kayaks For Serious Fishermen

Talking of fishing, more and more people are taking to sit on tops as they can get to places only accessible by water. We therefore, also stock a range of fishing kayaks. The most popular, the Prowler 13 from Ocean Kayak. In my opinion the ëninja stealth model. Shaped like a sea kayak and with the freedom of a sit on top. Hatches to store gear; flush mounted fishing rod holders; paddle/rod keeps even a tackle box. There are many ways to pimp this boat including fitting it with gps, fish finders, rudder systems, anchor trolling systems and now available in camo colours!


Additional to the full range of Ocean Kayaks, that we stock, in 2011 we started working with a UK based manufacturer TOOTEGA. They have a great range of boats from the small Pulse 85 to their version of the ultimate fishing machine the Prophecy 135 Huntsman edition.
For 2012 and to coincide with the Olympics and 50th jubilee they have produced a limited addition red, white and blue. (Get your orders in fast!)
Pentewan Ocean Kayak Supplier

Watersports Accessories and Clothing

We supply a small range of accessories for other watersports. Inflatables, waterksis, wakeboards and a few others. Just come by and take a look.
Pentewan Ocean Kayak Supplier
Pentewan Ocean Kayak Supplier


We have a range of wetsuits for all sizes at an affordable price. We’ve got changing rooms and the experience to help you get a suit that works. Please just pop in and try one on.
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